"Malden Hill Apiary" SOLD
"Antongil Bay" Humpback SOLD
detail - "Antongil Bay"
detail - "Antongil Bay"
detail: "Antongil Bay"
"New Haven"  SOLD
"The Meek" diptych. 24" x 36". Acrylic, gouache, ink, tissue paper, hand embroidery on tissue.
 detail - in process - embroidered Luna Moth on "The Meek" piece. Embroidery on tissue paper mounted n acrylic, gouache, ink 
 detail - embroidered monarch butterfly on tissue paper - from "The Meek" piece
IMG_3007 1.JPG
in process detail from the green peahen piece (working title)
IMG_3011 1.JPG
"Arapawa Goat" (Beasts II series) 24" square
Arapawa Goat - detail
"Guernsey Goat" 10" square
"Guernsey Goat II" 24" square
"Guernsey Goat II" detail
"Guernsey Goat II" detail of hand embroidery
American Cream Draft Horse
"Octopus" 36" square SOLD
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