Hello there!

Wow! It’s been a minute since I updated here! I have been focusing quite a bit on my emerging abstract work and setting up the new website. Please take a look and let me know what you think!

I have decided to give my (public) illustration life some love and have joined the #portfolioclub challenge. Illustrators from all around the world get a theme challenge on the first of the month and are to post their interpretation on the last day of the month. We can make it what we want.

cover art from Noel Daniel’s book “The Circus 1870’s - 1950’s”

cover art from Noel Daniel’s book “The Circus 1870’s - 1950’s”

This month, the theme was “Circus”. I have been enamored with the imagery of the vintage circus for years. Not a big fan of the traditional circus practices but the imagery can be inspiring. I wanted to do something that did not celebrate the values of the traditional circus so I chose a twist: The Forest Floor Circus. Would love to see an author come up with a fabulous story to go with these illustrations!

I’ve been practicing my pattern-making skills so decided to add a pattern to coordinate with the theme.

Moths pattern color ways.png

Next, to update this website - stay tuned!