consistency and change

I've been reworking a page spread for Gracie Brave. I wasn't satisfied with one of the recent submissions and asked the authors if it was ok if I went back in. I've also been looking critically at my ability to keep the characters consistent throughout all the illustrations I've completed so far. The beauty of this independent project is that I can really work at my craft in a way that benefits both my own growth as well as the author's vision. 

Here are the images of Hazel, Gracie's grandmother that I have incorporated into the book so far: 

I rejected this version of Hazel - I realized changing her clothes might be interesting but it effects consistency of the character and doesn't work. 

Here is the first version of the two page spread: 

This is the redo of this spread: 

I think this version has more energy. The text for this spread dictated that I include quite a bit of action so it was a challenge! Of course, there are still changes I want to make but I think that might be more an indication of my artist spirit than what is necessary. Working without an art director is like walking on a tight rope without a net sometimes.