Q: "how long did it take you to paint that ?" 

A: "comin' on Fifty years"

Humpback Whale piece with base layers of paint 

What's involved in creating a painting? 

  • lightbulb moment: "what if...?" 
  • research images of whales, their habitat, their plight, ...
  • do some sketches of whales, deciding on what kind of whale to focus on
  • do some sketches of seaweed and other sea creatures
  • sketch out plan for composition
  • think about what I have so far as I drive in my car, take a shower, do the dishes...
  • rework my initial concept
  • consider color palettes 
  • mix colors and note the mixing ratios in notebook
  • rework colors and start again
  • decided on size of panels and order them...make sure I can afford them...wait for them to arrive
  • sketch out initial composition
  • lay down base layers of color
  • lay down tissue paper layer and cover that with 'acrylic ground for pastels'
  • wait for it all to dry 
  • go over tissued areas with gouache where wanted
  • paint over tissued areas with acrylic to define seaweed and sea life details
  • order collaging materials from Australia...wait for them to arrive in the mail
  • separate collaging materials by color
  • cut and arrange the collage materials. Glue them down
  • Sand the edges of the collage materials to clean up the edges that hang off the edges 
  • cut tissue paper into intricate seaweed shapes to try an idea...glue them down. Rework idea to make it work...involving painting with a glaze of white ink, drawing with ink and graphite...
  • begin embroidering barnacles and detail on the whale's body...mostly done late into the night
  • be continued 
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In addition to working away on the Beasts series I am also working away at the Make Art That Sells bootcamp and preparing myself for the upcoming Global Talent Search. Sketches and refining sketches for the current MATS bootcamp assignment: 

Sketches and Refined Sketches for MATS bootcamp assignment